Is Surgical Specialties Corporation, Inc. ISO Certified? 

Yes, Surgical Specialties Corporation is ISO 13485 certified by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Systems andServices Certification. (Certificate GB04/62986) Surgical Specialties Corporation will assist in any way possible with your company's quality certification and registration with your local health ministry. 

Will my electronic order be confirmed? 

You will receive confirmation from our customer service department within (2) U.S. business days including confirmed pricing and anticipated delivery dates. If you prefer to receive your confirmation by something other than email, please be sure to include your preferred method when you enter your order or in your account profile. 

Does Surgical Specialties Corporation offer quantity discounts? 

Surgical Specialties Corporation’s policy of "one quality, one price — worldwide" has served the company well for over fifty years. 

The company is happy to offer quantity discounts (by product code) for purchase order quantities under special terms with agreement to a quote.

What quality certificates accompany each shipment? 

Products manufactured by Surgical Specialties Corporation are inspected throughout the production process for critical specifications applying to the product being purchased. Each shipment is accompanied by a Certificate Of Conformity verifying that all inspections have been performed.

What is the basis for Surgical Specialties Corporation’s quality sampling procedure? 

American National Standard ANSI/ASQC 21.4 - 1993

Is Surgical Specialties Corporation’s product sterile?

No. As an intermediate product, Surgical Specialties Corporation assures that its goods are free from defect only. It is incumbent on our customers to complete manufacturing, package and sterilize before selling a finished product to any hospital/institution for clinical use.

What is the best way to match my needs with a Surgical Specialties Corporation product code?

The Surgical Specialties Corporation OEM website always has the most up-to-date product code information. In addition, you can contact our sales manager by clicking on the Contacts tab and describe your needs. 

Who do I contact with a product quality concern?

Historically, Surgical Specialties Corporation's non-conforming product is very low compared to the number of products shipped throughout the year.

If you have a quality concern, you should contact customer service within 90 days of receipt and arrange to send a sample of the suspected defect to Surgical Specialties Corporation (with a return authorization number) for laboratory evaluation.