A Certificate of Conformity accompanies each product in a shipment. The Customer order number, certificate date, item number / lot number, lot detail and date on label are required by Surgical Specialties to facilitate our traceability.

The Needle Certificate of Conformity includes the following information:

  • Customer name and address 
  • Certificate date
  • Wire grade / Suture material
  • Customer order number
  • Customer purchase order number 
  • Invoice number
  • Quantity 
  • Item description
  • Item number / Lot number 
  • Dimension controls
  • Lot detail 
  • Functional tests / Inspections
  • Raw material chemical analysis

The label on our packaging includes the following information:

  • Item number / Lot number 
  • Type: CE-Cutting Edge, TP-Taper Point, EL-Eyeline (where applicable to product)
  • Quantity 
  • Date
  • Expiration date: (records will be kept until the end of the year identified)
  • Lot detail