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  •  Surgical Specialties Corporation has been a trusted partner for more than 40 years, offering experience in precision manufacturing, suture related products, surgical needle and blade design and assembly, as well as chemical etching and custom grinding technology.

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  • With the acquisition of FSSB, Surgical Specialties Corporation is now one of the largest independent manufacturers of surgical needles in the world.

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Our core technologies of grinding, forming, drilling and bending surgical grade stainless steel and custom braiding make Surgical Specialties Corporation an ideal resource for creating other tight tolerance, metal fabricated devices.

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    We manufacture and supply needles, blades, braided silk, polyester, and nylon surgical suture material for hospital sterilization worldwide.

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    Our Testing Lab gives you the opportunity for benchmarking your product using stiffness, ductility, tensile testing, material hardness and penetration testing, and recommend improvements.

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